Trendy Eye-shadow Ideas 2020

trendy eye shadow 2020

Eye shadow is one of the important ingredients in the make-up family which is applied on the eyelids and under the eyes. It is commonly used for highlighting the eyes to make them more attractive and beautiful. Eye shadow can broaden your eye structure and also add depth and dimensions to make your eye look more prominent, elegant, and classic.

Eye shadow has different varieties in terms of colors and textures. It is made up of powder and mica but it also presents in pencil-shaped, liquid, cream, or mousse form. As the trend in the fashion industry changes very frequently, eyes-shadow also has some iconic and amazing trends nowadays. Some of them are as follow;

Smoky Eye-shadow Style

smoky eyes

Smoky Eyes are one of the most dramatic eyes in which dark eyes-shadow and eyeliner blend into the light to form a smoky effect. It applies to eyes with paired bright colors with the dark one (black and grey commonly). Nowadays, a metallic color or some glitter is also used to highlight the smoky eyes. This eye-shadow style is considered as makeup classic that never fails out.

Sunset Eye-shadow Style

sunset eye shadow

Sunset Eye-shadow as its name indicates that something belongs to nature. Sunset Eye-shadow reflects the colors of sunset on the eyes. It looks amazing that features the glorious blend of red, gold, purple, and coral eye-shadows. It gives stunning look to your overall makeup and your lid reflects the natural color of art.

Midnight Eye-shadow Style


Midnight Eyes is one of the unique and versatile styles of eye-shadow. This works well on night occasions mostly because the true black color is used just like the dark sky. While adding some colored shimmer and blending it with black give mesmerizing look to your makeup.

Highlighter Eye-shadow Style


Highlighter Eyes

Highlight your eyelids with your favorite color and experience the real crowd pleasure around you. It looks simple and elegant that you highlight your whole eye or just eyelids with highly pigmented colors. Neon yellow, bright pink and lime green can be perfect for occasions that add an exciting pop of color to your eyes.

Voluminous Lashes Style


It’s time to show the Voluminous Lashes which always look an iconic style statement. It’s never going out of fashion. Instead of using typical mascara, two to three coats of fiber mascara are used along with black primer which creates volume and length. This Voluminous Lashes look provides you a classy touch.

Feathery Brows Style


Feathery Brows Style is the style which is in the makeup industry with the past few years. It is one of the top beauty styles in 2020 and isn’t prime to change. It shapes your brow in a natural look and complements your eye-shadow beautifully. For this style, all you need is a brow gel to wipe your eyebrows into shape. Apply brow gel on its eyebrows to fill in dense areas. Further, outline eyebrows with the help of an angled brush and then comb them with spool upward for the beautiful feathery eyebrows.

Smudged Eyes Style


Smudged Eyes

For smudged look, apply the thin black eyeliner on your lower and upper lash lines, than put a shade of eye-shadow which matches with the liner. Then, blend that shade and liner outward with a small blending brush. Your smudged Eyes is ready for an ultimate living effect.

Feline Eyes Style


Feline Eyes

Feline Eyes Style is always appealing just like the catty eyes. In this eye makeup, rich blue eye-shadow is used on eyelids for an intense look along with matching eye-shadows like light blue, turquoise, grey, and silver. For creating a cat effect, extend the color outside and as well as under the eye.

White Eye Liner Style


If you want a big and brighter look of your eye that you should go definitely for white eyeliner instead of traditional black eyeliner. It is the easiest way for a fresh and change look. This one product helps you to add style and elegance in your makeup style without any further techniques.

Color-Blocked Liner Style


Color Blocked

Normally you apply a single row of a liner than what about two rows of a liner to get a different and unique look. A stylish way to upgrade your liner style by applying two rows of different colors of liner on your eyes from inner to outer corners. This is a simple and style look.

Metallic Eye-shadow Style

Metallic eye-shadow

Metallic Eye-shadow Style has become an eye makeup staple in the makeup industry. It applies metallic shades with shimmery gold or silver to give you a more attractive and elegant look. It looks shiny and reflects the shades of actual metals like gold, silver, bronze, foil, and copper. It is a very effective eye-shadow on ebony or darker skin color. Shimmer normally means the glitter but the metallic means the eye-shadow itself is shiny to provide you ultra-feminine look.

Pumpkin Orange with Glittery Golden Eye-shadow Style


Pumpkin Orange

Orange color is one of the most prominent, vibrant, and beautiful colors in nature and as well as in the Eye-shadow Style. It became a very popular and demanding shade in 2020 which provides you a different and decent look. It applies on eyelids and lower lash liner of the eye. The dark or light effect is shade depends on the skin tone, hair color, and eye color. For shimmery look add some shimmer accounting to shade.

Lash Lift Style

Lash Lift eyes

It is one of the simplest and easiest ways to add length and height to your eyebrows by using lengthening and lash Lifting mascara. This mascara has a bendable wand that reaches the inner and outer corners of your lashes to add an extra length. It is you can the perming of your eyelashes. You can also go for a lash Lifting technique which long last of 6-8 weeks.

Colored Mascara Style


Coloured Mascara

It is another decent way to enhance the touch of your makeup with unique colored mascara. Give your black and traditional mascara a break and go for colored mascara like cobalt blue, dark purple, sea green, and deep burgundy. Your eyes simply look stunning in this.

Ombré Eyes Style


Ombre eyes style

Ombré eye-shadow is one of the most amazing and popular eye makeup trends nowadays. It gives you an elegant classic look to your eyes. It involves the blending of different shades of eye-shadow together in a gradient. So, you can say it is basically to your show art of blending and playing with colors. After applying eye primer, lightest shade on the inner corner of the eye, medium on eyelids and brighter color on the outer corner of the eye, and then blend them for a perfect look.

Fluorescent Crease Style

Fluorescent Crease makes up is one of the creative and unique styles in eye-shadow fashion history. This eye style adds a florescent crease to give your eye-shadow an ultra-glamorous look. The fluorescent crease is made with a brighter color to contract the shades on the eyelids which are of the lighter color.

Cool Blue Eyes Style


Cool Blue eyes

The gorgeous shade of pastel blue or deep blue shades highlights your eye’s features and gives you a stunning look. Apply the blue color on your eyelids and keep the remaining look simple and decent.


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