Independence Day celebrations and Pakistan

Pakistan flag

When the word patriotism comes to our mind, all we think of is our country. Patriotism is a sense of attachment and devotion to one’s country and nation. When we talk about Pakistan’s nationalism we know it is more about religious pride than ethnic or cultural as Islam was the base behind the establishment of Pakistan.

Pakistan was established on 14th August 1947 and every year on the same date Pakistanis around the globe celebrate this auspicious day with full zeal and zest. But celebrating Independence Day is not merely lighting off fireworks or singing national songs rather it is a day to contribute progressively and constructively towards the society.

People often feel confused about how to be a constructive member of a society with limited resources. Well, for that within those limited resources one can pledge to be more responsible towards his country by practicing things like minimizing the use of exhaustible resources like water, electricity, and gas. We should also make sure to pay taxes so that the money keeps on circulating and the poor at least get the basic fundamental rights of food and shelter.

We can also act responsibly by following traffic rules, respecting women, giving a safe environment to our kids, and avoiding things like bribery, hoarding, and usury. These are a few small steps one can take and be a progressive member of society. When one is responsible he will lay a base of a family with a similar mindset thus beneficially contributing to his environment.

Small steps taken on an individual level have far-reaching and vast impacts in the long run. A society where everyone is working wholeheartedly for the betterment of their society is bound to progress. For example, if we live in a society where no one follows the rules himself and considers its sole responsibility of others to abide by the rules and regulations will be a perfect picture of chaos and disintegration.

The most important thing towards a nation’s progress is that all the citizen pay taxes which ultimately helps in building infrastructure and improve the quality of life of all citizens. Abiding by other laws is also very important to maintain peace amongst the nation to avoid anarchy and chaos.

Everyone must be held accountable for their wrongdoings irrespective of their status and position. Only if the peace and sense of equality prevail in society will make it a better place to live. All the citizens must be provided equal opportunities for health, education, jobs, food, and shelter. Not that one class gets all the facilities and others get deprived of even their basic rights.

All these are some minor things that can be followed easily by everyone to ensure that their country is on the right path of prosperity. If the higher classes keep on doing corruption at different levels nothing could get better. This Independence Day all of us should take a pledge that we will try our level best to contribute to our society even it’s the smallest thing we must not hesitate in doing that if it helps in the betterment of the out country.

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