Top Trending Lipstick Shades 2021

Fashion industry is one of the industry which always changes very often, new trends, and styles, are in and welcome by everyone. Some of those trends and styles become the history or classic depends upon the customer’s lifestyle, liking disliking, and the effect of that trend. Lipstick is one the main and essential thing of your makeup which changes your look completely. It also speak about your taste, fashion sense, personality and preferences. initially, there were just few shades that used by the women, but with the passage of time, new shades and styles are in. Some of the gorgeous shades of lipstick are given below which are iconic and trendy this year.

Classic Red Lipstick Trend

Classic red


Classic Red is definitely the part of everyone’s lipstick collection. This bold, meticulous and beautiful colour suits with any outfit, or with any type of makeup look. It normally looks well with leather and black clothes. This colour is itself an aggressive look but is always demanding and top choice. It is consider as one of the trendy and Iconic shade this year. 

Pumpkin Red Lipstick Trend

Pumpkin red


Pumpkin Red is the trendy and fresh look colour that must have in your lipstick collection. This orange-red shade, instead of red colour, changes your entire look and gives you comfortable feel.  This shade is in fashion this year because this shade flatters warm skin tones best. 

Bold Pink Lipstick Trend

Bold Pink

Pink is feminine colour and it looks amazing and trendy, for any age of the women. Like classic red, it also present in every women’s lipstick collection. But if you want to change your look by pink, you should go for bold Pink instead of baby pink. It looks charming and fresh, if you add some gloss on it. 

Brown Lipstick Trend

Brown Lipstick

Some women don’t like pink or red, so they go for brown, which suits every type of occasion. It gives simple and natural look, that’s why it is consider as one of the favorable colour by women. It is neutral colour so you play safe with your makeup.

Chocolate Brown Lipstick Trend

Chocolate BrownThe bold and classy look suits on every skin tones and can transition from morning to evening with ease. This year, chocolate brown shade adds the gorgeous pop of colour that looks stunning and elegant

Purple Lipstick Trend

Purple Lipstick

It is of the ideal and decent look for a confident and mysterious woman. The Purple Lipstick trend offers a gorgeous pop of colour that looks totally stunning in every type of occasion.

Bruised Plum Lipstick Trend

Bruised Plum Lipstick

This colour gets the gothic look this year that gives unique and elegant look to your lips. Almost black shade of purple

Unusual Colour Lipstick Trend

Unusual Colour

If you want to try some bold and unique trend on your lips, that go for an unusual lipstick colours. Blue, green and yellow are trending this year and you can have a lot of fun with your makeup by these colours.

Metallic Lipstick Trend

Metallic Lipstick

To strand out from the crowd, you can definitely wear Metallic Lipstick which looks iconic and glamorous. It gives you perfect look and feel for special occasion and festival. It comes in different colours and you can also used it with you routine matte colour also.

 Nude Lipstick Trend

Nude Lipstick

If you want some natural and neutral look, then you can opt with nude Lipstick. It is most comfortable and practical lips style as compare to other styles because shiny, glossy and bold colours are not applied in our daily routine.  It comes in different shades that gives a look that you are wearing no lipstick, or a light subtle of pink and brown tint on lips. 

Flushed Lipstick Trend

Flushed Lipstick

It is also very simple and sheer lipstick style to get flushed lips. It looks like, you bite on your lips and that bite gives your lips a colour. This shade is also trendy this year and all you have to find the perfect sheer shade to compliment your natural lips colour.

Liquid Lipstick Style

Liquid Lipstick

Liquid Lipstick applied with a brush that gives your lips a glossy and shiny look. It saves your lips from dryness and keep them smooth all the day. You can wear liquid lipstick in routine life as well as occasions.

Shiny Lipstick Style

Shiny Lipstick

If you don’t like glossy look, or applying lipstick with a brush, than try shiny lipstick instead of liquid lipstick. It gives your lips just shiny looks and it has different varieties of colours including an unusual colours also.

Satin Lipstick Trend 


It is another style of applying lipstick if you don’t like the glossy look. These lipsticks are basically nourishes your dry lips, by replacing lip balm. It gives your lips a satin look and it also comes in different shades

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