How to make crispy Chicken Wings

Chicken Wings

Today, I share the recipe of chicken wings with honey and Bar B Q sauce. It is the most favorite dish of mine and I am sure everybody is in love with it after eating this tempting dish. The mixed taste of honey and Bar B Q sauce gives a very succulent effect on the chicken.

We prepare chicken wings with sesame seeds honey and Bar B Q sauce.


Chicken wings ½ kg

Salt 1tbs

Black pepper ½ tsp 

White pepper. ½ tsp 

Garlic powder. 1tbs

All-purpose flour 1 cup 

Corn flour ½ cup 

Egg 2         

Oil. For frying 

Chili flakes ½ tsp

Honey ½ cup 

Sesame seeds 2tbs

Bar B Q sauce. 1/2 cup 

Water 1 cup 


To prepare chicken wings, there are three main steps.

  • Chicken marination
  • Chicken frying
  • Sauce preparation


Chicken marination

First of all, take a bowl, put chicken wings in it and add salt, garlic powder, black pepper, and white pepper into the chicken. Mix them and set aside.

Take a bowl add corn flour and all-purpose flour in it. In another bowl, whisk egg properly.

Take chicken wings coat it with mix flour and then dip into the egg and again coat with the mixed flour and put them in the airtight box. Do the same procedure with all chicken wings one by one. And do the same method twice a time.

When coat all wings, put them in the airtight box and shake the box quickly for 2 to 3 mins.

By shaking the box, we see the flayers on the chicken after frying. And these flayers gives the very tasty effects on the chicken.


For frying the wings, take a pan, pour the oil into the pan, put it on the stove on high flame. Once the oil becomes hot, turn the flame into the medium.

Add chicken wings in the oil and fry for 3 to 5 min.

After deep frying, the chicken wings, when they turn into the golden take them out from the pan and set aside.


To prepare honey and Bar B Q sauce, we need a deep pan. 

Place the pan on the stove with medium flame and add garlic powder, chili flakes, honey, Bar B Q sauce, and water. When it simmers and the sauce becomes thickens add fried chicken wings in it and coat well. 

Turn off the flame. 

Dish out the chicken wings immediately, garnish, and serves hot. 

chicken wings serving

You can serve it with BBQ sauce, hot sauce, or chili garlic sauce. And also serve it with sauté vegetables.


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