Office Wear Jewelry for Working Women

Formal Jewelry Working Women Should Have

jewelry for working women

Jewelry is consider as the weakness of every women in the world. Usually, women wears heavy jewelry on occasions but at work they wear formal jewelry. In fact, you look presentable, attractive and confident by wearing a decent type of jewelry. It also changes your look completely to stand tall against the crowd.

Simple, sober and attractive design of jewelry adds some X factor also in the overall personality of any office woman. Gold looks amazing but it is costly, so, you can use silver instead of gold that is affordable and looks sophisticated. Here some of the office wearing jewellery which every women definitely use.



Simple, small hoops or stud earrings, or an inched dangled earrings are perfect for office workplace to give you an elegant look. Stud earrings with white stone in it, is always gives a glamorous look with any outfit. While the dangled earrings goes perfect with high ponytails and pump shoes. Long, bright and full of stones earrings are not a perfect choice for office wear. A gold and silver both type of earrings you can use in office.


A small, delicate chain or diamond necklace are more appropriate for office workplace instead of long, doubled chains, heavy necklaces. By choosing a classic type of jewelry, you looks elegant in your office and it never fails. A sleek textured, gold bail pendant complements your formal office dressing with pump shoes and golden toned wrist watch.


A large, heavy, and overworked bracelets hinder yours hand but also make troubles during typing and writing at workplace. During any presentation at office, your hand gestures are essential for the successful seminar. So, avoids tinkling bells that creates troubles for your colleagues also, Use an elegant, classy, and simple bracelet at office workplace that looks perfect.



A ring, designer piece of office wear jewelry, that suits with any outfit. A simple designs add grandeur look to your finger, while the diamond ring definitely lifts you up. A single band, stackable or spiral shaped ring also adds majestic look to your entire dressing look with a wrist watch and gold pendent. You can also use multi colored stone ring when you wears some bright outfit.

Wrist Watch

wrist watch

A wrist watch is always a key jewelry for women during office workplace. It is an important part of every office worker especially when he or she meets clients on daily basis. A simple, decent and elegant wrist watch always add the complete and classic look to your entire appearance.

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