“Current Economic & Coronavirus Situations of Pakistan in 2020”

“Current Economic & Coronavirus Situations of Pakistan in 2021”




An economy is the mega lay down of inter-related making and utilization activities that relief in restraining how rare funds are assign.

The manufacturers and expenditures of goods and services are used to realize the needs of those living and set off within the economy, which is also mentioned as an economic system.

 Current Situation:

Pakistani Currency Is rupee (Rs) (PKR)& the population of Pakistan is 220,829,000 in 2020.GDP Growth 5.5%, Sales overseas 22.505 billions dollars & import 42.419 billions dollars.

Growing pillar of Pakistan’s economy are set along the Indus River; the diversified economies of Karachi and great urban middle in Punjab, coexisting with the small developed sector in other parts of the country.

The World Bank and International Finance company flagship report assuage of Doing Business Index 2020 classify Pakistan 108 among 190 countries all over the place in the circle. Desirable a continual development and taking a jump from 136 last year.

Very important a cargo of cotton & wheat, sugarcane and rice, which together account for more than 75% of the worth of total crop    


While state economic activity is expected to get better, as lockdown estimate is uplift and base effects come to pass, Pakistan’s near term him economic description is downcast. 

Communication System Pakistan has all recently ways of technology such as 15 telephones per 1,000 Householder; T.V.; radio; fax; and, email.

Pakistan has square motion a contract with MCI to gather Email in Pakistan by the end of 1997. Pakistan is an advanced country, but trying to build their communication system better. 

Is Pakistan a poor country?

According to the world bank poverty of Pakistan fell from 64.3% in 2001, 62%2013, 4% in 2015 & 29.5% in 2020. Pakistan is an underdeveloped country. 

Major factors of Pakistan economy?

Policy variables, inflation, financial market indicators, import & export, government expenditures, debt, trade.


Coronavirus Cases:

 449k in Pakistan & 74.9M worldwide.


  9080 in Pakistan & 1.66M in worldwide.


397k Pakistan & 42.3% worldwide.

 Precautionary measures:

The government has ordered all educational institutions to be closed from 26 March to 15 September, but again all institutions will remain close 25 November to 15 January 2021, ensure online education till 15 January. Markets will shut down at 18h00.

Some different steps have been taken worldwide for the control of COVID-19. Pakistan has also taken meticulous measures like special hospitals, Laboratories for testing, quarantine facilities, awareness campaign and lockdown to control the spread of the virus.

U.S. & China helps Pakistan country in its covid-19 Combat:

U.S. health partnership started to train healthcare providers, and procure urgently needed lab & emergency supplies with $2 million in U.S. funding.

They will also fund high-tech emergency operations centres in Islamabad, Sindh, Punjab, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, and Balochistan for disease monitoring and response & train community healthcare workers to assist people in their homes to lessen the burden on hospitals, they added.

 Other than china providing $4 million to build a hospital is also sending a medical team. 

“China has helped Pakistan a great dispense in our efforts to contain coronavirus. A team of medical experts are expected to arrive soon from China to assist our doctors in battling the corona VIRUS.

The medical team will also bring medical instruments from China to Pakistan.” China’s assistance to Pakistan to fight coronavirus includes 12,000 test kits, 3,00,000 masks, 10,000 protective suits. “Xinjiang government has also provided 50,000 masks with each to Islamabad Capital Territory as well as Sindh government.

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