Top 7+ best toddler’s learning activities (kids learning)

Best Toddler’s Learning Activities

Babies enter from crawling to walking phase; the toddler’s phase is one of the important, learning and growing time. At this stage, toddlers always learn in their daily routine life, and it is the responsibility of parents to guide them properly for their foundation of future skills.

Use Textures Items

Use Textures Items

Toddlers are sensory learners who love to smell, touch and taste everything around them. By using bold, colorful and attractive markers, you can trace alphabet letters or counting on charts and poster papers. You can also use cotton balls, pipe cleaners, beans, or some glittery material. Touching this letter, your toddler comes to know how that number or alphabet is written. Every day says these letters loudly, so, the toddler learns the pronunciation also. Displaying the toddler’s name or other family members on their dining chair is also a beneficial idea for learning.

Measuring or Counting Things

Measuring and counting

Try to teach your toddler measuring things of daily routine like eggs, books, color pencils, blocks, etc. This will help them to remember as well as learn the basic counting. Use your fingers for counting and encourage your toddler to copy it. Put the counted food in his plate-like 4 biscuits, 6 peas, 8 French fries, etc., and encourage him to measure and then eat. It will also work well by counting color pencils, dining chairs, some pictures hanging in the room, etc.

Label Household Items

Label House hold item

For toddler learning, labelled your household items like a refrigerator, chairs, table, LCD, etc. with their names, and rotate them after one month. It will help them to learn and recognize the household items, their place and shapes. Mostly you can label the toddler’s room, his bed, cupboard, shoes, washroom, books, etc., with colorful papers.

Train them to be Organized

train them well organised

The base of well-organized life starts at a very early stage of toddlers. Train them to manage and placed their toys, clothes, household items, etc., at their proper place. You can also use labelled drawers, bins and boxes for the easiness of toddlers. You can use this trick by converting it into guessing games. This part of teaching help them to be responsible and helping hand with the family.

Scavenger Hunt Game

Toddlers are natural investigator, and they love to explore, so, scavenger hunt game helps you. You can use their toy cabinet, drawers, bookshelves for hiding things and asked them to find out. Or Sometimes you pretend that you can’t find out some household thing and asked them or encouraged them to find out. It is a healthy activity for the toddler’s health as well as his learning.

Making Shape and Puzzles

Making Shape and Puzzles

It is one of the most common ways to teach your toddler regarding different things. The puzzle picture of fruits, vegetables, cartoon character, games, etc. helps them to memorize those things by joining them. Try to allow them to complete the puzzle by their efforts and after that clapping or give some reward for encouragement. Use papers or cardboard for making different shapes like triangle, circle, square, etc., color them and teach your toddler about them.

Drawing and Painting

Drawing and Painting

It is an interesting way to teach your toddler about colors, shapes and pictures. Usually, the toddlers love to paint or drawing, so, this will help them for learning new and colorful graphics. Use markers, color pencils, or water paints; you also use toddler’s hand for painting. Use their fingerprints for painting, and it becomes a fun-loving activity for them too. Use different colors and paint other things and then asked them about the colors and shape of the painting from your toddler.

Separating Things by Color and Type

Separating things by colour and type

This technique is also beneficial for the toddler’s learning. You can separate the toddler’s clothes, shoes, toys, books, etc., by color or type. The toddlers are master sorter, tell them to sort their clean clothes vs tidy, red blocks vs green blocks, and so on. Sorting shirts vs pants or trousers also help the toddler to learn.

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