Brief guide on 5+ Humans Rights in numerous state( Child Rights)


Human Rights belong to every person & child in the world from birth until death, and humans rights is a fundamental Right & freedom like fairness, respect, food, education, equality, liberation, dignity. These human rights preserved by act 1998.

The most general classes of human rights are to apart them into civil and political rights & economical, social and cultural rights. Human rights neglect occur when any state or non-state actor crack any of the terms of the UDHR or other international human-rights or humanitarian law.

Regarding human rights invasion of United Nations laws.
Everyone has the right to their own property alone as well as incorporation with others & No one shall arbitrarily deprive of his property. Every person has the right to take part in the government of his country, directly or through freely chosen representatives.

Everyone has Right of equal access to public service in his country & every man & woman is entitled to a social and international order in which the rights and freedoms outline in this Declaration can fully realize.

China & Human Rights

China legislation also protects all children & every person in China country. The newly revised Minors Protection Law force on one June 2007. These law responsibilities of all families,
& the schools, the government concerning the protection of child rights & judicial safety, as well. The majority age of eighteen in China & the international assembly on social, economic & educational Right provided the act 1966. China has been the process of education & Health care system is more increase than other countries. The new china policy is assigned only two children is proposed in order.

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The USA & Human Rights

The majority age in the USA is under 21. USA child rights are adequately protected, but the significant problem still exist like health care, a child abused, etc. 43% child in American country lives in poverty. The US governments also continue the support country, and they provide all right to human & children.

Pakistan & Human Rights

However, after the Islamic Republic of Pakistan announced its Independence in 1947, the population of Pakistan is 204millions. Pakistan country provides all rights like including educational System, health insurance, food, social protection etc. all man & woman & every child in this country. Pakistani society is mostly professional Islamic society & chase its mandate in their daily lives. The educational System increases than in other countries.


The many countries who do not provide all rights to human & child. The convocation & under act 1966 they provide some rights like Independence, food, education. Every person is independent in their lifestyle. Who should enjoy the maximum available resources in his life under age 18, support child development in another way?


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