Tragus piercings how painful are they

How Much A Tragus Piercing Pain Hurts ?

The tragus is a cartilage structure located on the inner side of the external ear, also known as the small pointe. A passage to the hearing organs, the eardrums are located in the front of the ear. When it comes to piercing your ear, the tragus is the best place, and they are also very attractive. Your hole will be completely affected if you do not take care of the piercing.

Essentially, the needle penetrates your skin by creating a double-hole effect next to your tragus. The traditional people choose traditional piercing which makes a hole through cartilage. It takes a lot of patience and skill to create a joyful little tree with Bob Ross, and a piercing professional can do the same with your ears.

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Tragus piercings: how painful are they?

Tragus piercings how painful are theyIt is not something that is to be underestimated. Having one piercing in your ear can be uncomfortable, but you shouldn’t have more than one. As the tragus is in cartilage, which has no nerves, you can easily bear this pain. Those with tragus have no single lobe in cartilage, according to the doctor.

The tragus is thick in every person, so the person who gets pierced may experience some problems with eating holes in cartilage since there is some pressure on the tragus. Due to its proximity to your ear opening, you’re more likely to hear it.

The main point is this during piercing you face different pain than other persons. Some people may feel a small prick as if they have been stabbed with a knife. Plz before piercing advice from doctors or piercing persons.

How does it become infected?

How does it become infected

It takes up to 8 weeks for you to recover after opening one hole in your body, according to doctors. Contrary to this, a tragus piercing usually takes longer. We look at some symptoms that can affect your cartilage in the following section.

There are many reasons why an infection develops. Those reasons are discussed in the following points.

  • Bacteria can be transferred to a wound if contaminated hands or instruments are used to touch it.
  • When earrings are firmly affixed to cartilage, it is extremely difficult for oxygen to pass through them. Also, it is possible for an infection to develop.
  • After piercing your tragus, you may feel disturbances and touch it repeatedly. They can completely damage your tragus.
  • Because it is more likely to be exposed to bacteria, a pierced ear is also more likely to become infected. Hair that is too long can negatively impact healing and increase infection risk as well as becoming stuck in the piercing.

What is the healing time?

If you have already done average lobe piercing in which you felt that they take 8 to 9 weeks same as in this process (tragus piercing) that can also take 5month to 1 year to recover. After your tragus heals fully, you will notice a difference. The area will be warm, red, discolored, swollen, and tender.

If you remove jewellery before the affected area is completely healed, it could delay its healing and pose health risks. Make sure you leave 16 weeks for the area to fully heal.

Tragus piercings cost how much?

Tragus piercings cost how much

They are not a costly. There is so much money for work. You basically pay $25 to $50 to pierce a person. Depending on the metal type and style, jewellery may or may not be included in some studios. The cost of piercings varies widely depending on a number of factors, including the location of the studio and the experience level of the piercer.


After the tragus process, all of the piercing can cause infection. In particular, tragus piercings are more susceptible because less blood is present, which includes infection-fighting proteins.

The severity of infections varies. You can also remove this infection if you properly spend time and properly apply for medicine your hole, then they will be best for you. A new or mild infection may present the following symptoms:

  • An extended period of swelling following a piercing
  • Maybe accompanied by persistent warmth
  • and redness that persists for more than two weeks

Here is the list of symptoms you will feel. You should call a doctor if you have any of these symptoms.

  • Chronic or increasing pain that occurs days after the piercing
  • Infection
  • Becomes feverish and sick
  • To his stomach
  • he vomited
  • Blood

The keloid syndrome:

Keloids don’t affect your body and or any health issue, but they can cause red, itchy, and uncomfortable.  Basically, keloids are bumps are a collection of tissues made after the piercing process.

By increasing your cleaning routine, you can sometimes get rid of an early-stage keloid. Even when you follow the postoperative aftercare instructions perfectly, you can still get keloid. Using creams or oils can prevent the formation of keloid. But removing keloid can be challenging.

Reaction to Allergens:

Metal allergies are common. Nickel is a particularly problematic metal. Symptoms include: irritation, or redness, accompanied by blisters, that swell

Metals such as: are recommended for preventing allergic reactions.

  • Titanium
  • karat gold
  • Nickel

Frequently asked Questions:

Tragus hurts how much?


         As a part of the ear, the tragus lacks many nerves. Among other ear piercings, tragus piercing is the least painful. Although the tragus cartilage is harder to pierce than normal flesh, this would mean that it would take more pressure for the piercer to do the piercing

When does a tragus piercing sore last?


         Symptoms such as these shouldn’t last longer than two weeks, even if the wound takes around 8 weeks to fully heal. When swelling doesn’t go away after 48 hours, an infection may be present. An increase in temperature or heat

How soon can I sleep with a tragus piercing?


        If you have not been sleeping on it for a couple of months, we recommend that you do not. Tragus piercings tend to swell considerably more than other types, while rings may be difficult to heal since they don’t allow for swelling.”

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