How to Reduce Pain of Daith Piercing Healing

Daith Piercing Healing

What is a daith piercing? After some time, if you pierce the cartilage of the ear, you get a painful condition called Daith piercing. Increasingly more popular for cosmetic reasons, this disease involves regular contact between the doctor and patient, which includes pain. Many people believe that this pain becomes less severe after the piercing of the ear. You can easily get ear piercings labeled, ear piercings names or piercing chart from the internet.

In the case of cartilage piercing, this pain will become more intense and will gradually subside over the course of several months. You might find that it is more painful if you don’t take time to heal properly. Regular cleaning of the piercing is essential until the wound has fully healed.

Keeping in mind my opinion, we should use home remedies for piercing infections since they are capable of removing the infection and are able to relieve the pain. Daith piercing cost is not very high but its pain might be disturbing. Following are a few effective natural treatments that can be used to promote healing and to reduce daith piercing pain:

  • Tree oil
  • Apple cider vinegar
  • Salt water rinse

tree oil, apple cider, salt water

Even so, following these steps will ease pain and ensure a smooth piercing: In the world of ear piercings, daith piercings are the time-consuming ones. Additionally, healing can take quite a while, which makes you prone to contracting an infection.

Are daith piercings painful?

Are Daith Piercings painful

There is certainly some discomfort involved during and after daith piercings, though they are not the most painful piercings. Daith piercings go through the innermost cartilage, so they can be more painful than lobe piercings, although the level of pain is not unbearable. You may experience some discomfort in the months after your daith piercing. Pain is subjective.

Daith piercing is generally rated as a 3 or 4 rated from ten, not pleasant nor horrifying. It takes 6 to 9 seconds to pierce, which could prolong the pain. For a few days following the piercing, people usually experience dull, achy pain in their daith

Pain relief:

Before the pain: Contact your piercer and use numbing cream or spray before the piercing if you are nervous about it. You can also buy numbing cream at the drugstore. Don’t pierce the next day if you have consumed alcohol the night before. Distracting yourself from the pain can be done by listening to music, concentrating on your breathing, or chatting with your piercer.

After the pain: Upon healing, you will need to bathe your pierced hand and soak it in a saline solution every day for 5 to 10 minutes for at least a week. Be careful not to catch clothing on your piercing when you are dressing or undressing. Avoid wearing hats that cover your ears. You may see keloids growing on your piercing if you play with or touch your piercing with dirty hands.

Daith piercing healing time:

According to a doctor who has experience with this piercing, it takes nine to ten months as opposed to other piercings. Ten months is a long time to wait for a piercing. It is very common for every individual to experience some redness and tenderness during the healing process. After the healing process is complete, they will no longer feel any pain.

You should always follow the aftercare instructions that your piercer provides for daith piercings to encourage faster healing. During the healing process, you should be patient and not play with your daith piercing. If you sleep on your healing daith piercing or touch it or snag it on a hat or piece of clothing, intense pain might resurface.

Consult your doctor when needed:

Consult your doctor when needed

If you feel that your piercing becomes more painful or your infection might be very disrupted due to the piercing, consult with your doctor for a better situation. You can ask them to take a look at your piercing and pain, and ask them what the best solution is and what things you should avoid. Additionally, you can take antibiotics to relieve your pain.

Upper-Ear daith piercing infection prevention:

Upper-Ear Piercing Infection Prevention

Here are some treatment options to heal pierced wounds as quickly as possible. There are other things you can do to promote healing of the piercing wound apart from keeping the piercing clean to prevent infections.

  • Maintain piercings according to instructions provided by your piercer.
  • Do not swim with them. Until the piercing has completely healed.
  • Avoid playing with it. Only when cleaning the piercing.
  • Try not to injure or pull out the jewellery.
  • Make sure scarves and hats are not in contact with other items.
  • If you have a new daith piercing, do not wear headphones.
  • Don’t remove your jewellery until

 When choosing a daith piercing:

A sterile package must always be unopened and ensure that all equipment is either new or properly sterilized. There are health risks associated with getting a daith piercing in a public bathroom or someone’s home.

Get advice from your doctor before getting a daith piercing. Locate a health professional for any type of body piercing. Make sure the person you choose to pierce your ears is licensed to do so, although each state has different laws about this

  • I’ll walk you through the steps one by one
  • to choose the right jewellery, i.e., titanium earrings, titanium earrings hoops, titanium earrings studs
  • and explain the risks before your piercing heals,
  • as well as the aftercare instructions

Daith piercing care instructions:

Here are some important instructions which are very helpful to you for this special purpose.

  • Before you touch any daith jewelry or piercing, wash your hands.
  • Try to use best quality titanium daith jewelry.
  • Even when you sleep or shower, leave the daith earrings.
  • Use Tree oil, Apple cider vinegar, Salt water rinse
  • Your hole will stay open that way.
  • Use soap and water to wash your ears regularly.
  • To keep the hole open, jiggle or twist the daith piercing jewelry every day.
  • Apply rubbing alcohol to the piercing twice daily with a cotton ball and also to the daith piercing earrings.
  • Specially designed piercing pillow can be used during sleeping.
  • Do your best to overcome daith piercing anxiety.

Migraine and Daith Piercings:

Is there any scientific proof that migraines cause daith piercings? It is theorized that teeth piercing acts in a similar way to how acupuncture works. The natural and effective treatment of migraines is known to be acupuncture. Many individuals with migraines have reported reduced migraine intensity and frequency after having their ear cartilage pierced.

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