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Everything about Face Tattoos for Men and Women

Face tattoos for men and women have unexpectedly exploded in popularity nowadays. In ancient times face tattoos were used to mark a person as a member of their tribe, but now this is acceptable as a trend worldwide. Even many celebrities like Justin Bieber, Amber Rose, Lil Wayne, and many others have gotten themselves into face tattoos. Face tattoos represent freedom and empowerment. Once done, they will be with you forever for good or for bad. But does that tattoo put your life at risk of being judged by others? Some studies say yes!

A recent survey found that 22% of men and women equally have at least one face tattoo so with all these people getting some type of body art begs the question does these changes the way we might perceive others. Several large-scale studies in both USA and other western countries have found that when people view others with tattoos sometimes they tend to see them as being less attractive, intelligent, caring, and trustworthy. Here we have described some cute face tattoos ideas.


Do mens face tattoos make them more attractive to women? The answer is it makes no difference. But men perceived men with tattoos to be more muscular, strong, and attractive to the opposite sex. Getting a face tattoo is a big responsibility as it will permanently change your look and personality to others. There are many trending face tattoo designs for men and women including flowers, swords, symbols, traditions, and patterns.


In this modern ink culture, face tattoos trend in increasing with each passing day. People sometimes can’t stand the way a woman looks when it comes to a face tattoo. But according to women with a tattoo, everybody looks the same so they strive to be different. They feel that the more tattoos they get the more real and beautiful they will become. Women usually go for small and classy face tattoos with deep meanings.


There is a versatile range of face tattoos present from small subtle to large artistic designs. When you plan to tattoo your face take your time to decide what permanent design you want to put on your face.

·         Symbol and Classy small face tattoosymbol and classy small face tattoos

Every tattoo has a meaning or a story behind it. Small tattoos become symbolic when we give a theme. Some tattoos represent pain or a harsh memory of someone. Some do it for the love of their children or partner or even parents. Sometimes a small thing can be used for a strong message and symbolize power, honor, rebirth through challenges, and so on.

Face tattoos can be considered a serious matter, especially for females. So, you should think long and hard about the face tattoo design you are going to engrave because this is the matter of your face, which people see all the time. Your future employment opportunities will also be under consideration with your face tattoo design. However, if your field of interest is arts then it will be a good thing. Here we have given some best, crazy, amazing and classy small face tattoos female designs.

classy small face tattoo female 1classy small face tattoo female 2

·         Flower face tattoo

Men and women who are willing to do face tattoos usually go towards beautiful floral designs because they are cute, subtle, and can enhance charming personalities, especially in females. Designs of flower face tattoos for men and women can range from a simple cute rose tattoo to a complex flower pattern. Here are some beautiful designs.

flower face tattoos1.png

·         Above Eyebrow Tattoo

As the name suggests, these tattoos are inked in the eye area. These tattoos may be painful and you need to go to an expert tattoo artist. No matter what design you choose they will look adorable. Eyebrow tattoos are somehow also connected to gangsters. Most criminals and gangsters are obsessed with these tattoos. You can choose a script, crown, or any symbol tattoo above the eyebrow.

above eyebrow tattoo

·         Side head tattoos

Of all the faces to get a tattoo, side head tattoos are the most noticeable. So it needs to be pulled off well and unique. Head tattoos can easily be camouflaged, just you have to avoid barber for some time. When talking about head tattoos, you get an option from small, cute tattoos to complex geometric patterns. Head tattoos like an eye tattoo are also painful to get inked. Getting an inked needle in the skull isn’t a pleasant feeling.

small head tattoos

  • Sword Tattoo:

Sword face tattoo is one of all the categories of face tattoos. Sword tattoo meaning bravery, strength, and power. It represents a powerful mind and intelligence.

Sword Tattoo

·         Deep Meaning Tattoos

Are you looking for deep-meaning tattoo ideas? Don’t worry we got your back. We have some suggestions for deep-meaning tattoo ideas. Side swords are becoming more and more popular but do you know what the meaning of this side sword tattoo is? It is a symbol of truth. Some examples are listed below.

Deep-meaning tattoos1 SEMI-COLON

It represents that story is not over yet. It reflects a person who should have stopped but not chosen to.

Deep-meaning tattoos2 Greek letter – INGUZ

It’s a tattoo saying “when there is a will, there is a way”

Deep-meaning tattoos3 ANCHOR

It represents strength, power.

Deep-meaning tattoos4 ZEN CIRCLE

It reflects inner strength.

Deep-meaning tattoos5 NUMBER 21

It represents a creative spirit.

diamond face tattoo Diamond tattoo

The diamond face tattoo symbolizes strength, wealth, glamour, love and commitment.


Are you thinking about getting FACE TATTOO?? But everyone you’ve told has said it’s a BAD IDEA; you’ll REGRET it or never be able to get a job?? Face tattoos are a lot harder to hide and people will see right away and you will be judged. There are many pros to getting a tattoo! It can be an AMAZING EXPERIENCE but at the same time, there are also many CONS one must also consider when thinking about getting something so permanent. But pros overweigh the cons that why a lot of people are getting it. Let’s talk about some pros and cons of face tattoos to get a better understanding and idea.


  • Tattoos are a great form of self-expression. You can be considered more attractive to certain people.
  • Tattoos can help in boosting the immune system of the body.
  • Tattoos will remain on your body forever that will be worth the money you are paying to your artist. Meaningful tattoos can help you remind to achieve your life goals as well.
  • If a tattoo is done well, it will change your personality instantly.
  • Tattoos can change you as a person. They can change and increase your self-esteem and self-confidence.
  • Tattoos are a great way to express individuality without having to say a word. They can reflect you in a way as a person you are.


  • Tattoos are permanent. You got to make sure you choose something that you want because it’s not coming off. They have become less permanent because of laser but that cost a lot of time and money. But still, they will not fully go even after the laser session. So make sure your tattoo should be meaningful.
  • Tattoos will influence employment opportunities. In the job market, a lot of people have tattoos but it’s still frowned upon and a lot of employers will not hire you especially if you have facial tattoos which are visible.
  • You are going to judge by society. People will judge you more if you have more visible tattoos. They will treat you differently or they may perceive you as somebody that doesn’t make good life decisions.
  • Tattoos are painful and discomfort. Pain is relative to a person but still, it is painful. Aftercare is also very important to avoid infections.
  • You can catch a disease or an infection by getting a tattoo. So before getting a tattoo, make sure your tattoo artist is following health and safety guidelines. Ask them to wear gloves and masks.
  • Tattoos fade away with time. It will become blurry and the tattoo will lose its sharpness and details. Sunlight will also affect your tattoo.

Face tattoo is one of the coolest arts but when you are going for it be ready to face negative comments as well. Take your time to select the best, meaningful design as it will remain with you forever.

Tattoo removal before and after:

You can have idea about the tattoo removal from our article cute face tattoos and can also get information about numbing creams by reading article Best numbing cream for tattoos.

Frequently Asked Questions:

How much would a face tattoo cost?

A small tattoo caused normally 50-250$ on average. You may also have to pay the shop fee and they may charge hourly.

 Are face Tattoos attractive?

There are many types of face tattoos out of which looks attractive and some look daring. It depends on the design of the tattoo.

Why are face tattoos becoming popular?

Face tattoos are becoming popular rapidly because many celebrities have adopted this trend which gave rise to the popularity of face tattoos.

Stay with us to know more about tattoos!

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