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Best Indoor Plant Fertilizer

Fertilizer is not plant food. Plants actually make their food using light in a process called photosynthesis. The way that it works is that light hits the surface of a leaf or a green stem and then specific cells convert this light into sugars that then can be used by the plant.

So yes, the best fertilizer is not plant food, but you can see it as vitamins for the plant. These vitamins will boost the plant’s health and will help her thrive as she grows. Fertilizer is a mixture of beneficial minerals. Usually, fertilizers include potassium, phosphorus and nitrogen. But they can include other nutrients. Because it’s very important. An excess of these nutrients and minerals will damage your plant, so we have to be very careful with the amount of fertilizer that we offer them.

Why we should fertilize our indoor plants?

 We should look for the best fertilizer as vitamins for our home plants to boost healthy growth. And we must fertilize our indoor plants because they are in a pot. Now, if the plant was in nature it would get all the nutrients in the soil because we have worms, we have bacteria, rain comes down and brings more nutrients. But because the plant is in the pot there’s a limited amount of nutrients and these decrease over time as the plant uses them. and then also when we water the plant and the water drains down, so the nutrients also can drain down.

So the best fertilizers replace the nutrients in the soil that we lose over time and especially in the growing season which is generally between spring and summer.

We must provide these nutrients so our plants can grow healthy,

Which takes me to the next point?

 When do we fertilize our indoor plants?

 We should fertilize our indoor plants when they are actively growing. And we call this the growing season. Now, this will depend on where you’re located on this planet. So for example, here in Berlin or pretty much in the northern hemisphere of the planet, the growing season will generally be between spring and fall. This will also depend on your plant but generally, in the northern hemisphere, this is when the growing season happens.

What is Houseplant Fertilizer

What is Houseplant Fertilizer?

Well, in house plant fertilizer is that fertilizer that contains both the combination and chemical formula of micro and macronutrients. It must have both the required nutrients in it. The three primary and key minerals are nitrogen, phosphorous, and potassium. Also, the best houseplant fertilizer has calcium, iron, zinc and magnesium in it.

Nitrogen helps our plants with the process of photosynthesis and leaf growth. So a fertilizer that is rich in nitrogen will help our leafy plants. Plants that are generally more foliage than flowers. So I can think for example of my Pilea pepperomioides, Network plant and other plants that have more green and leafy growth. These plants will benefit from a nitrogen-rich fertilizer.

Then we have phosphorus. Phosphorus is great to encourage flowering, as well as good and healthy root growth. So if you see that your plant is about to flower, you see some bulbs and you can see them blooming, a fertilizer that is rich in phosphorus Will help her bloom and thrive.

And the last macronutrient is potassium, and this one will also help with flowering as well as disease prevention. So this one will boost the immune system of your plant, which is great for plants that are more prone to pest attacks.

What is the Best Type of Fertilizer for Indoor Plants?

Look, if you are in need of finding the right and ideal type of fertilizer for indoor plants, the answer to this question depends on several factors, and you need to understand those factors before choosing any right type of indoor plant food. You need to carefully pick the kind of fertilization method that you are going to apply. Each method of plant fertilization has pros and cons.

Here, we have considered a few right types of fertilizer for indoor plants, you actually decide what kind of fertilizer is optimum for your houseplants.

Liquid fertilizers:

Liquid fertilizer

The very first type is liquid fertilizer, you know that liquid plant food is easy and reliable to apply and take control over it. When your houseplants need feeding, mix up the appropriate solution of great strength, and apply it to them. A kind of organic liquid fertilizer is espoma liquid fertilizer

The very cons of using liquid plant fertilizer are to remember when to fertilize. It is also noteworthy and critical to note down the exact quantities of liquid. If you have a few houseplants, you can throw the liquid fertilizer on them easily.

Slow release fertilizers:

Slow release fertilizer

The advantage of using slow release fertilizer is that you do not need to remember when to feed plants. However, it is difficult to know how much fertilizer is absorbed in the soil. Slow release fertilizers include spikes and capsules which release nutrients in the soil slowly. Slow release fertilizers are very helpful in small pots size houseplants.

 Granular fertilizers:

Granular fertilizer

When you need to shift a plant from potting to fresh soil, these granular fertilizers are very important for the optimum growth of your plant. Granules work very well in the soil and they release important nutrients to the soil to help the plant grow more speedily.

Organic fertilizer for indoor plants:

organic fertilizer for indoor plants

Organic fertilizers or organic houseplant fertilizer include all forms of fertilizers and counted as the best fertilizer for indoor plants. Its a natural fertilizer for indoor plants and includes liquid, granular and slow release fertilizers. The very advantage of using organic houseplant fertilizer, it is environmentally friendly and does not harm the environment in any way. There is no room for root burn in them. They never spear excess minerals and nutrients in the soil.

Good dirt plant food:

Good dirt plant food is newly developed easy to use liquid that can be used with water easily as compared to dry fertilizer. It can be used for both indoor and outdoor plants. Good dirt plant food is not only a plant food but also helpful to microorganism necessary for plant growth.

Good dirt plant food

The best type of fertilizer for indoor plants:

If you are constantly looking for the best indoor plant fertilizer, it mainly depends upon the type of plants you are growing at your home. This topic also diminishes the plant food vs fertilizer problem. We have observed that in many cases for flowering plants we need a higher ratio of phosphorous in contrast to non-flowering plants, we do not need phosphorus but nitrogen as the main component. We suggest using balanced fertilizer for indoor plants. Some people also use fish fertilizer for indoor plants like alaska fish fertilizer or fish emulsion fertilizer.

Let’s take an example of 7-9-5 NPK which is unique and the best for small potted flowering plants and termed as the best plant food for indoor plants. At the same time, other types of flowering plants need a combination of 1-3-1. Also, green and leafy vegetables need a higher concentration of nitrogen to grow smoothly. If you use a balanced indoor plant having a concentration of 5-5-3 or 5-5-5. And if you want all purpose liquid plant food, its concentration is 20-20-20 fertilizer i.e., jacks plant food also called jacks all purpose fertilizer. So, therefore, it entirely depends upon the type of plant you are going to choose to grow at your home. Like another fertilizer named thrive fertilizer is used for aquarium plants.

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