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Erectile Dysfunction: What’s myth and what’s fact?

Erectile dysfunction is a problem that a lot of men face at some point in their lives. With so many being affected, you would expect there to be a more open and candid conversation about the subject. But unfortunately, that’s not the case. There is stigma around the subject that keeps men quiet, which in turn fuels misinformation. This misinformation about ED is often taken as fact and can have a very negative impact. As a result, one might not seek treatment or do things that might make their ED worse. Some common myths about erectile dysfunction that you should know are:

Myth 1: ED only affects people who are over 70 years of age

ED only affects people who are over 70 years of age

This is not true because rectal disfunction affects people of all ages. While it is true that as you get older, your sexual stamina decreases, it doesn’t mean that ED only affects older people. One in four men who suffer from ED is under the age of 40, and over 15% of men in their 20s have erectile problems.

Myth 2: Trouble performing in the bedroom must be ED

It’s a myth that many men accept when their sexual performance doesn’t go to plan. The truth is, having occasional trouble performing properly during sex is common and happens to almost everyone, including women. There are a variety of reasons why you might fail to perform well during sex. It can be due to stress, anxiety, depression, or similar issues that can temporarily lower the desire or ability to have good sex.

Myth 3: Taking testosterone supplements can cure erectile dysfunction

Low testosterone is indeed related to ED, but only account for a fraction of ED cases. Taking testosterone supplements will only help those patients who actually have low testosterone levels. If you have ED, you should get your testosterone levels checked before deciding to take supplements.

Testosterone supplements should only be taken upon doctor’s advice doctor. It is far more likely that your doctor will prescribe you medications. Generic Viagra, Generic Cialis, Sildenafil 100mg UK are among the most commonly prescribed ED medications. These medications are affordable, easy to get, and can be found in most pharmacies. You can also get cheap viagra online.

However, if your ED is caused by underlying health issues like cardiovascular disease or high blood pressure, then ED medications can instead be dangerous to take. That is why you should always consult a doctor first.

Myth 4: ED means you have lost interest in your partner

ED means you have lost interest in your partner

Feeling less attracted to your partner can certainly make it harder to get and sustain an erection for sex, but it is most likely not ED. Losing interest in your partner does not cause erectile dysfunction. If you have ED and feel that you aren’t interested in sex with your partner anymore, it is far more likely that your ED has root causes that are physical or emotional in nature. Furthermore, ED can often cause feelings of inadequacy and frustration in the patient, which results in lowered self-esteem and a range of other mental issues, all of which can harm your relationship with your partner.

Myth 5: ED means there is something wrong with the penis

A person can develop Erection disfunctional for any reason, and in most cases, it has little to do with the penis. You are likely to be having ED because of some underlying psychological or physical factors. High blood pressure, diabetes, high cholesterol levels, stress, anxiety, depression are common causes of ED. Your lifestyle habits, like excessive use of alcohol, smoking, and minimal exercise, may also be contributing to your ED.

Myth 6: Tight underwear can cause ED

ED can be caused for a wide variety of reasons, from psychological to physiological factors, but a tight underwear is not one of them, and that’s a fact. However, it should be noted here that consistently wearing a tight underwear can be one of the factors for a low sperm count.

Myth 7: Herbal supplements work against ED

While it is true that some herbal supplements can help to improve the flow of blood in some people, there is still no real scientific research to back up the efficacy of herbal supplements for treating or curing erectile dysfunction. Furthermore, they are not regulated in the same way that pharmaceutical medications are. They can be risky when taken for medical issues and can interfere with medications, leading to adverse side effects. Always consult with your physician before taking any herbal supplements.

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