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YSL Black Opium Dossier Review

YSL Black Opium Dossier is a sultry and energetic couture fragrance. It has all the qualities of a perfume, including being mysterious, intriguing, and fresh. The fragrance was inspired by Yves Saint Laurent’s 1977 fragrance Opium.


YSL Black Opium is a new perfume inspired by Yves Saint Laurent’s famous fragrance of 1977. Its scent is seductive, rich, and comforting. The fragrance contains notes of orange blossom, vanilla, and soft white flowers. It is a long-lasting scent that works well for date night or a special evening.

YSL Black Opium is one of the most popular perfumes in the market right now. It is known to be one of the most luxurious and best-selling perfumes in the world. It is made from various notes, including top, middle, and base. The top note is a lighter, softer scent, while the middle and base notes are more earthy and spicy.

The base and middle notes of the fragrance help determine its quality. While the top notes are unpredictable, the middle and base notes provide hydration to the skin and provide warmth to the body. The intensity of the fragrance is influenced by how these three components are used. The scent of YSL Black Opium has a combination of hearty and light top notes. It also has a very strong sillage and long-lasting aroma.

YSL Black Opium is a classic and iconic fragrance, but it is also very expensive. A quality dupe of this iconic scent is available on the market for an affordable price. It is packaged in sleek, minimalistic packaging and includes a sample. It is a popular choice among many women, but it will cost you a bit of money. And as a bonus, it comes with a discount if you buy more than one bottle.

YSL Black Opium Eau de Parfum is an energizing blend of black coffee and sensuous vanilla. Similarly, Black Opium Eau de Parfum Neon blends dragon fruit with creamy fig. It is a modernized version of Opium 1977.

YSL Black Opium

YSL Black Opium Dossier is a unique, high-energy couture scent. It has all the fragrance qualities you would expect from a YSL fragrance, including a deep woody scent, an enticing nutty scent, and a rich, creamy air. The fragrance is inspired by Yves Saint Laurent’s iconic 1977 fragrance Opium.

The fragrance is made with three different notes: top, middle, and base. The top notes are the most unpredictable, while the middle and base notes add body hydration and warmth. The fragrance can be very intense or delicate, depending on how it is used. The fragrance in YSL Black Opium is very long-lasting. It is perfect for the modern woman who loves a sophisticated scent.

This fragrance was released in 2015, and is extremely popular. It has a deep and rich aroma, with a dark coffee and vanilla note in its base. It is a perfect choice for nighttime wear and a warm, cozy evening. The fragrance will make you feel confident and sensual at the same time. If you’re searching for a new perfume for the summer, consider YSL Black Opium.

Black Opium is a modern take on the classic scent of YSL Opium. The elegant black bottle features the brand’s logo in the middle. The scent is warm and floral, enhancing the unique spirit of each woman. It also has a distinctive urban vibe. It will definitely add a dash of sophistication to your wardrobe.

YSL Black Opium is one of the most iconic perfumes available right now, but it comes with a hefty price tag. So, it’s important to do your research when choosing a scent. Consider the fragrance’s base, middle, and top notes. They will help you decide if it will last long and appeal to you.

If you’re searching for a fragrance with a strong, addictive aroma, Black Opium is the way to go. The fragrance features a synthetic molecule called Cetalox, which sets this fragrance apart from other blends in its class. The perfume’s floating notes are composed of white flowers and incense, and give it a unique aroma. The scent also contains agarwood, which is a common ingredient in the Middle East. The combination of these two ingredients provides a complex woody fragrance.

YSL Black Opium Dossier

If you’re in the market for a new fragrance, YSL Black Opium may be the fragrance for you. This women’s perfume is well-liked by many women. It has a sleek, black bottle with the Black Opium logo in the center. The fragrance itself has a warm and floral scent that enhances a woman’s individual spirit. This fragrance is perfect for daytime wear.

The fragrance has an undertone of coffee with nutty almond and floral notes that refresh. The perfume ends with a warm, gourmand scent of vanilla and patchouli. It’s intense, yet balanced. If you want a more subtle scent, YSL Black Opium Dossiere may be the scent for you.

YSL Black Opium DossIER is one of the best-selling fragrances from YSL. It’s fresh and long-lasting. The fragrance is also reasonably priced, so it’s a good choice for anyone. YSL Black Opium Dossier is a versatile fragrance that’s great for any occasion.

Dossier sources its ingredients from local farmers and makers in Grasse, France. All of its products are cruelty-free, and Dossier donates all of its profits to charity. Unlike YSL Black Opium, Dossier doesn’t test its products on animals. Instead, they use natural ingredients with a powerful essence.

Black Opium has many similarities to Ambery Vanilla by Dossier. It opens with pear and licorice and transitions to a rich, complex floral scent. The fragrance also has contrasting vanilla and coffee notes that are long-lasting. Its rich, evocative scent is perfect for cold winter days.

The scent has three distinct notes: top, middle, and base. The top note is a soft floral, while the middle note is warm and comforting. This long-lasting fragrance is perfect for a modern woman who enjoys a sophisticated scent. If you’re looking for a fragrance that’s sophisticated, you may want to consider the YSL Black Opium fragrance.

Black Opium is a warm, gourmand scent for women that is backed by a seductive advertising campaign. Its name – Black Opium – calls out to a woman’s confidence and boldness. The perfume was so successful that it spawned six other scents under the same name.

YSL Black Opium Dossier

YSL Black Opium Neon

YSL Black Opium is a unique fragrance that combines woody, aromatic, and spicy notes. It begins with a warm fragrance and gradually builds to a powerful, long-lasting scent. The perfume is versatile and works well on both men and women. It’s considered to be a classic fragrance for modern women.

YSL Black Opium is a very rich and dark scent with woody, warm notes. It will last for hours, and is ideal for women who want to feel warm and cosy. While the fragrance is strong and complex, it’s not overwhelming and will suit most skin types.

This perfume is one of the most popular YSL scents and is one of the best sellers worldwide. It features a coffee note and a touch of oud. It’s great for daytime wear, and comes in three sizes. You can choose the strength and longevity of the fragrance to match your style.

Inspired by Yves Saint Laurent’s iconic 1977 perfume Opium, YSL Black Opium is a powerful, couture scent with all the hallmarks of a fine perfume. It’s woody and enticing with a pleasant, airy finish. YSL has also tapped new brand ambassador Zoe Kraviz to help launch this fragrance. Kraviz’s scent has all the characteristics of the original, and she’s also a part of the global campaign for the brand.

YSL Opium EDP is one of the world’s best-selling fragrances. Its rich, coffee-like scent has an intense coffee note, with a smooth vanilla finish. It is a rich, warming perfume that lasts a long time on skin. Whether you wear it by itself or with other perfumes, it will leave you smelling sensational!

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