A Lyft Driver’s Reaction to a Racist Comment at Fossils Last Stand

There’s a video circulating online which reveals a racist comment made at Fossils Last Stand. Although the bar’s owner is not visible and off-camera, he is heard making a racist statement. The video was recorded by the car’s driver and posted on Facebook and Twitter. It quickly went viral, garnering many views.

Lyft driver’s response


A Lyft driver has faced widespread backlash after a racist incident occurred at a Pennsylvania fossil park. The driver’s reaction to the woman was filmed and quickly went viral on social media. The video of the incident has already surpassed nine million views on Facebook.

The driver of the Lyft vehicle, James W. Bode, shared the video on his Facebook page and identified the passenger as Jackie Harford, the owner of Fossil’s Last Stand in Catasauqua, Pennsylvania. The video shows a woman asking the driver if he’s serious and the man trying to get into the car. The driver explained that he’d cancelled the ride because the man was making racially-motivated comments, and that he was recording the conversation on his dash cam. The driver warned that if the passenger continued to make racist comments, he would call the police. The video has gone viral, with more than 10,000 likes on Facebook and almost 4,000 shares on Twitter.

A viral video of the Lyft driver’s response to a racist comment about fossils has gone viral, gaining more than 5 million views in the last 48 hours. The video shows an argument between a Lyft driver and a passenger. The passenger has been upset with the driver’s behavior and has a case filed against him for making racially-charged remarks.

The video also shows a woman attempting to climb into a Lyft vehicle outside a bar. The video was shared thousands of times on social media, and the driver has apologized for his behavior.

Owner’s boyfriend

Upon seeing the video, the owner’s boyfriend at Fossils Last Stand became angry and confronted the driver with insults. The driver then told the couple to exit the car. As the couple refused to leave, the boyfriend became angry and started passing the insults on. The video soon went viral on social media and attracted negative Yelp reviews.

Restaurant’s website

The online reviews of Fossils Last Stand are mixed. There are some positive reviews, but the majority of the comments are negative. The negative comments stem from a recent incident. The video posted on social media showed a woman saying to a male auto driver, “You look like a normal man.” The driver was angry and told the woman to leave the vehicle. Bode and the other driver then exchanged words.

The incident has been causing some customers to question the restaurant’s authenticity. It has resulted in the closure of the restaurant’s Facebook page, as well as the website. The owner of the restaurant, Jackie Harford, is unavailable for comment. However, his partner, James Bode, has posted a statement thanking social media users for their support. You might also like this¬† ¬† How to Navigate to Walmart

Fossil Last Stand is a restaurant located in Fossil Valley. It offers a wide variety of food and beverages. Its atmosphere is unique, with fossils on the walls and dinosaur-themed decor. For dinner, the restaurant is a good choice. If you’re looking for a new dining experience, Fossil Last Stand is definitely worth a visit.

Fossil Last Stand has mixed reviews on Google. Some people said it was great, while others said it was horrible. There are few positive reviews, and the majority of negative reviews are negative. The restaurant is still open for business, but the recent incident has caused a wave of negative attention. While it is not yet closed, this latest incident has caused many people to question the quality of food at Fossils Last Stand.

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