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Water Wiggle – A Fun Toy For Kids and Adults

Water wiggles are liquid filled ” visual sensory “tubes are hard to hold. Children love squishing and squeezing the water wiggle as the contents inside move about but watch out, give it a little squeeze and it might shoot right out of your hand. You might also like thisĀ  Tweak VIP Review

It all started when Joey McCabe, a ten-year-old, saw his brother squirming on the ground with a toy down his throat. He immediately turned the water off and ran inside to get his father, but the toy was stuck so deep in his son’s throat that his father could not remove it. Later, Joey told Craig Cameron that his brother was in a tussle with a neighboring dog and that his dog had pulled the face of ‘Water Wiggle’ off.


Dinosaur water wiggler

This fun toy measures about 5″ tall and features a dinosaur figurine surrounded by glitter inside. It’s a great choice for kids’ parties and will be a hit at adult parties, too! Best of all, this water wiggler comes with a money back guarantee!

A Dino lover’s dream come true! Squeezing the Dino Water Wiggler reveals cute dinosaur shapes inside its 5″ long body. The inside of the wiggler has fun little dinosaur toys floating inside, so kids will love to squeeze it! They’re great fidget toys, too!

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