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How Shopify Meta fields Help Headphone Zone Succeed

Raghav Somani founded the retail store Headphone Zone in 2012. As a musician, Raghav grew up playing guitar and synthesizer, and he wanted to create a space for music lovers to shop and buy audio devices. His goal was to make it easy for music enthusiasts to browse and buy audio devices, without having to do research or find reviews. He also knew that people prefer to experience audio products firsthand. His vision proved to be a success, with six stores opened within a year.


When it comes to building an online store, the Headphone Zone is one of the easiest to use solutions. It is easy to set up and manage, and is built on the Shopify platform. The Headphone Zone has over 200 metafields available for its product pages. It is designed to improve the overall experience of the store, and has a variety of tools that make managing product pages easier.

When it comes to setting up an online store, Shopify has made the process easy, especially for small businesses. The platform has an ecosystem of developers and UX designers that make it easy to build an advanced store. Raghav uses the app store aggressively, leveraging its extensive offerings to build his Headphone Zone store.

Unlike other e-commerce platforms, Headphone Zone has an active community. The community contains tens of posts a day and a mix of audiophiles and newcomers. It also has a team of ‘Headphone Gurus’, who are expert gear enthusiasts who participate in the community and help potential customers make informed purchase decisions. It’s one of the ways the company differentiates itself from mass-ecommerce sites, which usually rely on overt sales promotions to promote products.


Out of the Sandbox

The content-rich product pages at Headphone Zone are a major part of the company’s success. Raghav wanted to create comprehensive, authoritative content about each product. This content is easy to understand and trustworthy. To do this, Headphone Zone uses a 160-point checklist for every product. This not only helps the site rank higher in search engines, but also helps consumers gather as much information as possible about a product. This helps them make better decisions about their purchase.

Headphone Zone has also embraced the power of apps from the beginning. This approach has helped them increase the amount of video content on their product pages. As of summer 2021, Headphone Zone had more than 6,000 hours of video on its product pages. This means that consumers are now spending approximately 250 days more on their product pages.

The company’s ecosystem allows users to create amazing things. The user base has already created six must-see games and activities. But there are countless others to discover.

Shopify Metafields

Shopify Metafields for Headphone Zone is an extension that helps companies manage their product data in a more efficient manner. It lets companies create a central repository of product data that can be used on any product web page. This extension also helps increase the interoperability between themes and helps companies make changes to products in bulk.

Metafields are pieces of information that can be attached to products, customers, orders, pages, and other objects in Shopify. They allow you to add additional information that isn’t contained in standard Shopify fields, such as a description or a picture. This way, your customers can see information that is specific to them. For example, a customer can see the color of a particular headphone.

In addition to being flexible and customizable, variant metafields can add extra fields to your products. These fields are especially useful for storing variants of products. To use variant metafields, you need to install Slate, a Shopify theme framework. It’s built on Bootstrap and uses Sass, a powerful CSS preprocessor. The framework comes with a starter theme and a CLI tool for creating custom themes.


Content-rich product pages

Headphone Zone’s content-rich product pages are a big part of the reason why the store is so successful. The owner wanted to create an authoritative, comprehensive and trustworthy product page that would help his customers make an informed decision. In order to achieve this, he created a 160-point checklist for each product page. These guidelines not only help the product pages rank highly in search engines, but also help customers gather more information about each product. This in turn helps them make better decisions.

Headphone Zone also has over 200 product page metafields, making them very content-rich. They are also hoping to capitalize on the recently launched order and buyer metafields. Headphone Zone is also committed to providing top-notch customer support. While the company was still in its early days, its executives were interacting with prospects and assisting them with questions about returns and order status. This has helped them gain a loyal following of buyers.

Headphone Zone also showcases real reviews from real customers. This is important for the legitimacy of reviews, and Headphone Zone uses a tool called Review Request Emails to ask for customer reviews.

Customer reviews

Headphone zone is India’s premier headphone retail store with the largest headphone and earphone collection in South Asia. With their in-house experts, the site offers the best prices on all types of audio gear. The store is well-organized with knowledgeable staff who are happy to assist customers with any questions about their purchases. Customer service at Headphone zone is top-notch, and they have a quick response time. Their customer care number is available Monday through Saturday between 9:30 a.m. and 6 p.m. They also offer quality packaging and prompt delivery.

The Headphone Zone website offers a wealth of information about their products and service offerings. The Headphone Zone customer care team can be reached via phone or email. You can also find the head office’s address and fax number. Headphone zone also maintains a social media presence, as well as important links that can help you with your purchases. You might also like thisĀ  What Does Network File System Mean?

The company offers a wide range of headphones from leading brands. The store specializes in high-end headphones. Its earbuds are designed to deliver professional sound quality in any environment. They have three microphones in each earbud and advanced cascaded noise reduction technology. The earbuds also feature fabric to eliminate wind noise.


The new Headphone Zone app has several advantages. First of all, it offers customers a personalized experience. Headphone Zone has also added over 200 new metafields, including order and buyer, to their product pages. Additionally, the company has invested heavily in customer support. Its staff members worked directly with prospects in the early months, and answered all types of questions. This has helped the company grow a loyal following of buyers.

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In this study, the researchers showed that headphones can be a powerful tool in auditory experiments, as they can control the background noise and minimize nearby distractions. In addition, these headphones preserve the stimulus characteristics. A study conducted with this type of headphones is a step towards crowdsourcing auditory perceptual research.

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