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Fossils Last Stand in Catasauqua, Pennsylvania

If you are visiting Catasauqua, Pennsylvania, you may be wondering about the restaurant Fossils Last Stand. The restaurant, owned by Russ Harford, has received mixed reviews. This article will provide some information on this Pennsylvania restaurant. First, we’ll discuss the location. This restaurant is located at 205 Main St., Catasauqua.

Fossils Last Stand is a restaurant

A viral video featuring a restaurant in Pennsylvania has raised eyebrows and caused quite a bit of controversy. The Lyft driver and a patron had an argument that went viral, and the video went viral, gaining 600,000 views on Twitter. The driver apologized for his remarks, and the woman was asked to leave the restaurant. The incident was captured on video, and the police were called.

A fun, dinosaur-themed restaurant, Fossils Last Stand serves up dishes made with fossils. Its menu includes items like the T-Rex Burger and Pterodactyl Wings. Guests can also try the Brachiopod Bowl, which is a salad made entirely of fossils. The fossils include leaves, footprints, and whole animals. While the menu is unique, reviews are mixed. You might also like this Is Celestein Veglin Still Alive?

A review on the restaurant’s Facebook page lauded Bode’s actions, but there are also many others who are angry about the incident. One man’s Facebook post was reportedly shared by several hundred people, but his identity was not confirmed. Others called the bar “racist” and even referenced the Ku Klux Klan in their comments. On Sunday, Black Lives Matter Lehigh Valley posted a statement about the incident on its Facebook page.

Fossils Last Stand is located in Catasauqua, Pennsylvania. The restaurant offers a unique atmosphere, complete with fossils on the walls and dinosaur-themed decor. The restaurant has been open for 15 years and has an average of 18 employees. You can’t miss out on this fun experience if you’re in the area.

It is owned by Russ Harford

A viral video starring a woman and man who appear to be from the Ku Klux Klan has made the news. The woman and man have been identified as Jackie and Russ Harford. The restaurant has since received negative Yelp reviews. Police are investigating the incident.

Russ Harford has been the owner of Fossil’s Last Stand for six years, but she is not the only employee. The bar’s other longtime employee, June Beil, has been with the business twice as long as it has been open. The restaurant has a loyal following, but the locals aren’t the only ones who appreciate it. Fossil’s Last Stand is owned by Russ Harford, who also owns the New Tripoli Hotel.

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It has negative reviews

Fossils’ Last Stand has received negative reviews on Yelp, an online restaurant review site. There are a few positive ratings and comments, but the restaurant has also received several negative ones, particularly after a viral video was posted on social media. The video shows a lady who told a Lyft driver that she is a “normal man.” He then asked her to repeat the statement and told her to get out of the car. An argument ensued, and the video went viral on social media. It later turned out that the owner of Fossils Last Stand, a Pennsylvania restaurant, was the person who had made this video and commented on the incident.

The Lyft driver’s video received over 3.3 million views and prompted a response by the restaurant. The video was removed from Fossils’ Last Stand’s website and Facebook page, and Yelp and TripAdvisor closed comments on the restaurant. The owner of Fossils’ Last Stand, James Bode, has not responded to requests for comment. However, he has said in a blog post published last week that he appreciates the support received.

Another reason for Fossils’ Last Stand receiving negative reviews is the fact that some people find the restaurant offensive. Some people have argued that it has an overly-racist stance. They feel that the owners are attempting to portray African-Americans as less than human.

The restaurant is located in the Catasauqua neighborhood of Pennsylvania. The owners were recently involved in an argument with a cab driver. The video became viral and prompted many people to write negative reviews about the restaurant. However, despite the negative reviews, Fossils Last Stand remains open and continues to serve diners.

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