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Sorenson Forensics is a world-class biotechnology company that provides advanced DNA testing and forensic software. It is accredited by the ANAB and meets FBI quality assurance standards. Its advanced DNA technologies have helped various state agencies solve cold cases. In addition, it has a long history of helping law enforcement and investigators solve crimes.


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Forensic DNA testing is one of the most reliable and accurate ways to determine a biological relationship. This test can be used in criminal cases and to identify a child’s biological parents. Sorenson Forensics can conduct a criminal paternity test using blood or hair samples. Their laboratory uses highly advanced technology and has a proven track record of accuracy.

The Sorenson Forensics best lab employs highly experienced and qualified staff to conduct DNA tests and give accurate results. Moreover, they follow unbiased procedures to ensure a reliable test. These professionals can also assist in solving cases involving unsolved crimes.

The Sorenson Forensics Best Forensic Lab works with DNA samples from crime scenes. They are able to provide accurate and highly reliable results within a given time period. Furthermore, their expertise in DNA testing and other scientific methods has helped solve many difficult cases and investigations.

Sorenson Forensics is one of the most respected forensic labs in the United States. They are accredited by the ANAB and meet FBI quality assurance standards. They have helped solve numerous cold cases and have worked with more than 100,000 law enforcement agencies. They also provide expert testimony in cases involving missing persons.

Sorenson Forensics’ DNA analysis experts work with law enforcement agencies to exonerate suspects. One recent case involved a man who was wrongly convicted of sexual assault. Their experts are skilled in analyzing all types of DNA from different sources, including bullet casings and blood samples. They have also performed DNA tests on wristwatches and blood samples to identify missing persons. The results of the test are sent to the local law enforcement agency where the suspect confessed.

The DNA testing services offered by Sorenson Forensics are reliable and accurate, and have been approved by the College of American Pathologists. The lab also offers DNA profiling and paternity testing services. The results from DNA tests at Sorenson Forensics are used in court to establish the relationship between two people. The accuracy and reliability of the results is impressive.


Sorenson Forensics is a forensic laboratory that provides investigation services and a variety of DNA test solutions to law enforcement agencies and other government agencies. The lab has extensive expertise in DNA analysis and is known for its high-quality test results. It follows strict protocols to ensure that the results are accurate and reliable. It plays a key role in the investigation of violent crimes and other cases requiring a high level of precision. Its DNA analysis services help law enforcement and the public solve complex crimes with speed and accuracy.

The company offers digital forensic services and advanced DNA analysis, as well as a variety of other forensic services. These services range from DNA analysis to forensic imaging. Sorenson is also recognized for its high-quality studies of forensic evidence. It has been a leader in the field of DNA analysis for more than 20 years and serves more than 100 law enforcement agencies across the country.

The lab is highly accredited and holds certifications from multiple organizations. It also maintains a high level of transparency when it comes to its calibration process. It sends pipettes to external service providers for calibration, a process that was previously expensive and time-consuming. It’s now an efficient, transparent way to ensure the quality of critical tests.

Forensic testing has become an essential part of the investigation process in courts and law enforcement agencies across the country. Therefore, it’s crucial to find a lab that meets these standards. Sorenson Forensics is certified by the New York State Department of Health, the American Board of Forensic Toxicology, and the Texas Department of Public Safety.

The company also offers DNA testing services such as DNA paternity testing, DNA genotyping, and human migration pattern assessment. Its collaborative workhouse approach and experience across multiple industries makes it the right choice for large and small accounts around the world. Sorenson Genomics, LLC is an independent DNA testing lab located in Salt Lake City, Utah. The laboratory was founded by James Levoy Sorenson.

DNA testing is the most widely used method of determining biological relationship. Its results are accurate and reliable in criminal cases. DNA testing can be used to identify the biological parent of a child, as well as to identify drug trafficking and other crimes involving drugs.

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Sorenson Forensics is one of the world’s leading biotechnology companies, offering advanced forensic testing and software solutions to the criminal justice community. Their forensic labs are accredited by ANAB and meet FBI quality assurance standards. They have assisted various state agencies in solving cold cases with advanced DNA technologies.

The DNA testing service offered by Sorenson Forensics is very popular and has a high accuracy rate in criminal and divorce cases. DNA profiling is another service that they offer, with a high degree of accuracy. Their services also include maternity and paternity determinations. The team at Sorenson Forensics is composed of highly experienced forensic scientists who recruit from all over the country.

The Criminal Paternity Test is another service offered by Sorenson Forensics. It helps governmental agencies in determining the parents of a child. Sorenson Forensics also helps people find out the parentage of their grandparents or other family members. The cost of the Criminal Paternity Test varies depending on the number of samples. Sorenson Forensics is one of the top DNA testing laboratories and specializes in helping the legal community identify people by DNA.

A new DNA database launched by Sorenson Forensics allows law enforcement agencies and other authorized users to archive and search DNA profiles from crime scenes. This database uses an advanced algorithm to compare DNA profiles with evidence. When they match, the system will notify the user.

DNA testing has been used to identify a Civil War guerrilla scout, a Finnish soldier, and an unidentified late 19th century skeleton. It has also helped identify skeletal remains associated with the French explorer La Salle expedition.

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Sorenson Forensics is a world-class biotechnology company that provides forensic software and laboratory testing services to law enforcement agencies. Their labs are accredited by ANAB and meet FBI quality assurance standards. They have helped countless state and local law enforcement agencies solve cold cases using advanced DNA technologies.

They have a state-of-the-art DNA laboratory and are able to upload DNA profiles from evidence samples using a secure Internet connection. This allows local law enforcement agencies to access and search DNA profiles that match crime scene evidence. A sophisticated algorithm can match DNA profiles to a specific person and notify the searcher. You might also like this What is Cryotherapy?

Sorenson Forensics has been hiring talented forensic scientists from across the country. Recent additions to their staff include former Allegheny County’s Laboratory Manager Kristin McCann and former Monroe County’s Technical Leader Ellyn Colquhoun. Other recent additions to the lab’s staff include three Forensic Scientists from various agencies.

DNA analysis is one of the major forensic services provided by Sorenson Forensics. The lab has extensive expertise in DNA analysis and incorporates stringent protocols into its procedures to ensure the highest quality results. Its services are crucial to the investigation of violent crimes and contribute to the speedy solvency rate of criminal cases.

Sorenson Forensics has partnered with state and local law enforcement agencies to train police officers to collect DNA in the field. Its services have helped to exonerate a man wrongfully accused of sexual assault. It also provides training and education for forensic science professionals.

Sorenson Forensics has also expanded its lab space and employee base by 33 percent, and has recently secured several new government contracts. Its efforts have helped the company build a national reputation for its top-quality DNA analysis. It has also hired forensic scientists from across the country, including recent graduates and Iraq War veterans.

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