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Home Remedies for High Blood Pressure

Don’t want to see a doctor but want a solution for high blood pressure? Looking for some effective home remedies for high blood pressure? You will find your answer here.

Studies have proved that one-third of the world is suffering from a blood pleasure disease. Blood pressure is measured in mm Hg and is written in 2 separate numbers. The first number measures the pressure in arteries (when the heart muscle contracts). The second number measures the pressure in arteries (when the muscle is relaxing between heartbeat).

Having high blood pressure is a dangerous thing that can damage your heart.  It means that the pushing of blood against the artery walls is high. If it is left uncontrolled it increases the risk of a stroke. Blood pressure can be controlled by 2 things; medication and lifestyle changes.

Good thing is that home remedies for High blood pressure are the best solution to lower the risk of a stroke or heart disease.

Here are some home remedies which can help you control your high blood pressure:

1. Cut Down On Your Salt

Cut Down on your saltSalt is a major part of our daily diet. Sometimes we like adding a little more salt to add flavor to our dish. An average person consumes 3,500 mg of sodium in a day which should be cut down to 1000mg for the person with high blood pressure.

Sodium is hidden in almost every food which we buy from the market, so to cut down on salt you have to cook food at home from scratch rather than using packed food. Try to balance your food with other spices rather than using salt.


 2. Increase Intake Of Potassium-Rich Food

Increase the intake of potassium-rich food

Potassium is an essential mineral that helps take out sodium from the body and eases the pressure on blood vessels. Avoid fast food and processed food to have a balance of sodium and potassium.

Prefer eating foods that are high in potassium. Some of the examples are bananas, watermelon, leafy green vegetables, yogurt, and milk.


3. Say No To Caffeine

Say no to caffeine

Caffeine sometimes becomes a part of our daily routine. The 2 major caffeine addictions are tea and coffee. You might have observed that when you have a cup of coffee or tea you are not able to sleep. Why is that? The reason is the caffeine in them gives a boost to your blood pressure.

Caffeine usually has a stronger effect on those who don’t take it regularly. So if you are Blood pressure patient says no to caffeine.


4. Drop Your Weight

Drop your weight

Add exercise in your daily routine, it helps to lose weight. The people who have an extra mass on their body experience more fatigue when they do a good amount of physical work. This condition can be risky for a person who has high blood pressure.

Losing 5% of body weight will ultimately lower the risk of high blood pressure. When you lose weight your blood vessels work more efficiently expanding and contracting.


5. Have Dark Chocolate

Have Dark chocolate

Dark Chocolate is rich in flavonoids(plant compounds), that cause blood vessels to dilate. Dark chocolate helps lowering blood pressure.

Excess of everything is bad, so take the dark chocolate in small parts to lower your blood pressure, the excess might not help.


6. Let Go Of Your Stress

Stress is a part of life but staying in stress all the time will lead to different diseases and one of them is high Blood pressure. Practicing yoga and meditation helps relieve stress.

Try solving as many problems as you can but when you see that the problems can’t be solved, instead of stressing over them leave it in the hands of God. He will do that part better than we ever had thought of.


Will These Home Remedies work to lower the high Blood pressure? 

Many of the times Home remedies for high Blood pressure do work out. But if sometimes you cannot control your pressure get in touch with a doctor as early as possible and take your necessary medicines.

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