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All you need to know about environmental or climate changes in Pakistan

climate change

Climate/environmental change is a change in average climate conditions like temperature,  rainfall, The worldwide climate is the associated arrangement of sun, earth and seas, wind, deserts, forest, snow and savannas, and everything individuals do, as well. The climate of a place can be portrayed as its precipitation, changing temperatures during the year etc.

pakistan climatesClimate change is perhaps the greatest challenge the world is confronting today and Pakistan is ranked the 5th most vulnerable country in the world to climate change. In spite of the fact that Pakistan is facing the brunt of this adversity, there have been some positive improvements recently.

Pakistan has crossed a critical milestone by achieving an overall Sustainable Development Goal-13 ‘climate Action’10 year before the deadline shows United Nations annual Sustainable Development Report 2020.

Advisor to Prime Minister on Climate Change in Pakistan, Mr. Malik said,

It is indeed a milestone accomplishment for the country to have achieved the crucial SDG 13 ‘Climate Action’ 10 years before the deadline of 2030 for the execution of the 17 Sustainable Development Goals. includes getting rid of poverty and hunger, facilitates the people with quality healthcare, education, clean water and sanitation services, gender equality, justice, and peace.

Mr. Malik  said,

“With the achieving of the Climate Action SDG 13, Pakistan has proved that it is committed to global efforts against the challenge of climate change to protect life on the planet earth.”

The Sustainable Development report, which was recently called the SDG Index and Dashboards, is an annual worldwide assessment of the nations’ advancement towards meeting the SDGs. It is a complement to the official SDG pointers and the deliberate national review.

He also pointing towards different estimates taken by the current government and under the steadfast support of Prime Minister Imran Khan, said that selection an alternate low carbon development direction, moderation and adjustment activities are taken by the legislature of Pakistan have driven the nation to accomplish the UN’s Climate Action Goal 13 in record time.

10 Billion Tree Tsunami, Clean Green Pakistan Initiative, Clean Green Pakistan Index, Protected Areas Initiative, Eco-framework Restoration Fund for encouraging the progress towards naturally strong Pakistan by mainstreaming adjustment and relief through biologically focused on activities, for example, forestation, biodiversity preservation, improving strategy condition predictable with the targets of Pakistan’s Nationally Determined Contribution and accomplishing Land Degradation Neutrality were a portion of the significant advances taken by the administration to handle environmental change.

According to German Watch Index, Pakistan has been positioned in the top 10 countries influenced by climate change over the most recent 20 years because of its geographical location. As per the Global Climate Risk Index yearly report for 2020,

Mr. Malik  said,

“in view of economic damages estimated at $3.8 million in the German watch Index 2020, Pakistan had been ranked number three in the long-term assessment over a 20-year period (1999-2028).”

It’s a great achievement done by Pakistan in the time of the Covid-19 pandemic where all world suffering from the greatest depression of economic crisis. These activities have been taken to avoid and to be more ready for the danger of climate change experienced by the country, for example, dry seasons and melting glaciers, floods, heat waves.

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