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Definition of Fitness to Me


Condition of being physically active and fit is actually the meaning of fitness known commonly. It is also considered that having your weight equal to your BMI (body mass index) and being able to perform any task actively is the real fitness. Somehow this concept is true but a lot of many things are in the zone of fitness.
Fitness is a broader term and it means different to everyone but overall it depends upon your priorities of being physical and emotionally fit and active.

How to be Fit

When somebody have the clear idea of fitness, then the next step comes here to know How to be fit?
Fitness gaining is a long term goal and is a complete lifestyle modification. Without changing your devastating pattern of life you cannot be fit.

Following are some techniques to be fit and healthy

 Sleep
 Exercise
 Sports
 Dancing


fitness nutrition

Nutrition plays vital role in your fitness. Effective nutrition is good enough in amount of carbohydrates, proteins and fat. Calorie deficient diets with low amount of food nutrients are dangerous to good health, they will provide you urgent results and help you loosing extra calories but it will lack good nutrient to body. A normal diet with 40% of proteins, 30% of Carbohydrate and 30% of other healthy nutrients should be taken. If you are willing to lose some extra calories, then you should go for portion control diet to eat healthy amount of food.


A good sleep time provides Essential role in fitness. It will boost up your metabolism and help to digest food. Normal human body needs 8 hours of sleep time and it is more than enough. Sleeping makes brain cells work faster as you wake up, sleeping is like charging your brain cells to function faster. Sleeping position is the only position when oxygenated blood circulates around the whole body including brain. So, healthy sleep makes a man healthy.


It is basically the activity, requiring physical effort carried out, to sustain or improve health and fitness.

It contains different of styles and categories some of which are following


Aerobic Exercise

It is known as “Aerobic Exercise”. Aerobic basically means transfer oxygenated blood to all parts of body. So it contains all those steps of exercise which help to transfer blood to all parts of body. Dancing and Swimming are the two most famous examples of endurance exercises.


Strength exercise

Strength exercises contain muscle building. In common they are known as body building. It basically helps to increase muscle and bones flexibility and reduce the risk of bones slouching. Best example of it, is weight lifting.


 Flexibility exercise
This kind of exercise includes stretching of muscles to make body muscles strong and active. Best examples of flexibility are yoga, upper arm stretch and shoulder stretch etc.





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