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Negative and positive effects of innovation in technology

Is Technology Making Our Generations Smarter or Dumber?

Today We have become over-relying on technology that has begun making us less creative. Excess of anything is terrible. Most likely we have all heard this phrase at this point.


Is Technology Make Our Generations Smarter or Dumber ?This is actually how we can define the effects of innovation in our lives today. Almost certainly the utilization of technology. has reclassified and reshaped our lives, however, this advancement has come at a huge expense. Kids of 3 year age learn how to swipe on telephones to put their poems, cartoons and play video games simply they are more practical and intelligent than us

But the fear is “In the future do we become the slave of our devices or master

We are living in a world where face-to-face interaction is less and less. Kids of the new generation instead of going out playing with friends and family enjoying nature they are staying home sitting in front of the screen to watch cartoons and play a video game that leads them to become more mechanized and less emotional.

They are addicted to their devices to an extent where it has started eating into their night time. Simply seeing their mobile phones is sufficient to wreck their minds.

The consistent seeing of the bright light on the telephones lessens levels of the hormone melatonin, which manages rest, and diminishes leptin, which causes you to feel full. Simultaneously, bright light builds ghrelin, which causes you to feel hungry. Watching all-time screen and sleepless have bad impacts on their physical and mental health. Because of very little rest. The new generation has a foul state of mind. They are not physically and mentally strong like the old generation. We have started a world that relies on technology.

Let’s face it, without autocorrect close by we wouldn’t have the option to spell a large portion of the words we use today. Is it Fuschia or fuchsia? A world without autocorrect would be a world full of ‘errors’. Our spellings and language structure aptitudes have gone for a hurl and we frequently end up humiliated without innovation to our salvage. Spell-check and autocorrect are making us stupid, bumbling, and sluggish and we don’t assume a lot of it.

I talk about students, Our students become search engine dependent instead of trying again, and again to solve the educational problem they simply open Google solve the questions of homework over-dependency on Google is dangerous for them they may become a slave of search Engine. We lack the problem-solving and other co-operative skills that human interactions bring along, not machines.

According to research 87% teacher agree students are more distracted because of technology they didn’t focus on one thing they pay more attention to socializing check their phones for personal use during classes, meetings, and significant gatherings, or keeping different tabs open yet extremely incapable to concentrate on any We are always distracted and never mentally present at the time.

We don’t try to remember little figures because we save it on our gadgets or we have it on Google. When we need that information we need our gadget or Google. The new generation didn’t use their brain to remember maps. The specialists discovered that our cerebrum has a restricted limit and it can indeed process a limited amount of much at once. Adhering to the directions just as keeping eyes out and about makes it truly testing and a lot for the cerebrum to process simultaneously. That’s the reason we mentally become a slave of our devices.

We can positively use technology to help make innovations in every field of life. Advancement in technology provides us more opportunity than previous generations 

We need to remove the addiction of our new generation to digital devices.


Here’s the conclusion to our discussion on Negative and positive effects / impact of innovation in technology:

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