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Indoor games for kids


Playing is a stress busters , it is not only a fun but also keeps you healthy. 

Though there are a lot of outdoor  parks in the city but due to hot weather and unsafe environment indoor parks are more preferred by the people these days; especially with growing impact of technology in our lives, people are more practical about video games compared to outdoor games . Parents also prefer  indoor games, because of circumstances. Kids are not safe outside. So parents should have to make some indoor games which not only your kid enjoys but also all family members. Told him the games of your childhood.

Here we talk about some indoor games which are so easy to create and had fun.

Balancing beam

Indoor BowlingBalancing is an easy and fun activity for your kids. This indoor game enhances their ability of balancing and motility.

Things that we needed for this are

Flat surface

Colored tape

Method to play

Stick different Colored tapes on the surface.

Give every Colored tape a different  order to walk, like ask kid to walk on blue Colored tape with raised arms, walk on green Colored tape with one leg. 

Make a rule that kid must have to walk on the tape if he drop down , he will start again and if he falls 3 times then he will be out.

When the kid cross the distance without falling then he wins.

Parents also made it more fascinating by some changes.


PuzzlesPuzzles are the most creative game . It keeps your kids mind active and skillful.

Things that you need are

Picture puzzles 

Word puzzles

Method to play

Describe your kid that he needs to set the puzzle pieces altogether to form a picture .

Word puzzles are superb for elder kids. It also very helpful for your kids vocabulary.

Hide and seek

Hide and seek

This game is played almost all the world . This is an old and very popular game in all age groups of kids.

Things to noted

Firstly, you need players , you have at least  2 players

Parents must know things like  about their hiding spots must be safe.

Make sure that they are not cheating.

Method to play

One kid would have closed his eyes while facing corner and count til  10 until the remaining kids hide.

When the counting is done he will go to find further kids.

The first person that could catch has to count next time when other kids are hiding again.

Don’t hide at same spot always trying to hide at different places.

Play dough

Play doughPlay dough Is a fun game. Kids really enjoyed to play with dough . It also make kids creative.

Things you need for it

Play Dough

Stencils of different shapes

Method to play

Let your kid at a floor or a table and gave him dough to play and permission him to do whatever he wants to made.

You can also gave him different shapes stencils from which he makes shapes.

Treasure hunt 

Treasure hunt

Treasure hunt is not just  a fun, entertaining game but also helps to enhanced your child mind skills.

Things you need for it

Clues, hints in every hidden place

Coins or candies

Method to play

Firstly, hide coins in different places like a kitchen cabinet , under the sofa, behind the curtain along with clues to the next location.

Only told your kid the first hint and let him found the remaining hints and treasure on his own.

Indoor Bowling

Indoor BowlingDesign a simple bowling lane in your home. This game is also ideal for hand I harmonization in kids.

Things you need for this

Ten empty bottles




Flat floor

Method to play

Utilize the tape, a bowling alley.

Order the bottles at the end of alley.

You may set it like bowling pins or pile them on top of the each other to form a tomb.

Asked the kid to hit the bottles using by ball.

If you want to make bottles more interesting Colored them same.

Obstacle course


You can made an obstacle course in the house. This is a fun game for all age groups.

Things you need for this


Hula loops


Big balls

Anything that may handy

Method to play

Arrange the track as space allows and as you should like it  , also made some rules.

Each hurdle need a different way to road through it, like , asked your kid to go from under a table or go through the tunnel ( made of blankets) , twice from previous hurdle , he might move on the next.

You will gave him points on completing each obstacle.



Kids really likes these types of fun activities. This is the easiest one to play without producing a disorder.

Things you need for this

Dish-washing soap



Method to play

Pour  a small quantity of dish-washing soap on a bottle and add some water on it , mixed it well till the small bubbles formed in it.

Told your kid to set one end of straw in the bottle and blow softly from the other end to make bubbles. 

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