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Anthurium plant

Anthurium is the most beautiful indoor plant available in different colors like pink, red, purple, and white and their heart-shaped flowers make more it adorable. Anthurium plants like bright indirect sunlight and grow in low light but it affects growth level. Anthurium plant needs moist soil only. We can put it on the table near the window.

Bird of Paradise

Bird of Paradise

Crane flowering plant or bird of Paradise is a rare and most wonderful plant because of its flower color and shape. The leaves of this plant are looks like banana leaves. It grows in a warm climate as indoor or houseplants. Need proper bright light to grow.

Snake Plants


snake plant

Sansevieria plant is the most common and evergreen indoor plant that can survive in low light and takes little water. The leaves of this plant are strappy in shape and grow 8 inches to 12 feet. According to NASA snake plant helps to clean air, it converts carbon dioxide into oxygen at night. This quality makes it perfect for the bedroom.



Begonia is a succulent plant family Begoniaceae it has 1000 plus species. Begonia plants are prominent because of their colorful flowers and leaves. They like partly shaded area or filtered sunlight and needs moist soil. Begonia plant grows 8 to 12 inches tall.

Yucca Cane Plant


Yucca plant is a truly elegant houseplant that gives a classy look to your office, and house. It’s a low maintenance plant like the bright light best place to keep this plant is a partly shaded area. Yucca is an ideal indoor plant and takes less water.



Florist Kalanchoe is a popular succulent houseplant with long-lasting bloom. The leaves of this plant are thick dark-colored. Kalanchoe grows 6 inches to 12 inches, and the flowers of this have many vibrant colors like red, orange, yellow, and magenta. Florist Kalanchoe likes bright natural light but keeps them away from the hot window they will burn. They don’t need water.


It is also known as prayer-plants and zebra plants. The leaves of this plant are in many different shapes, patterns, and sizes which almost look like artificial. This houseplant is grown for its gorgeous leaves, not for flowers. Prayer plant leaves change position slightly in day and night-time. Calatheas are not an easy houseplant. This plant needs moist soil all time but over wet soil. Direct sun-facing can remove their marking

Air plant


Tillandsia plants are called air plants. This plant doesn’t need soil to grow and loves bright indirect light and natural air. Air plants are a little cute low maintenance plant. Tillandsia plants grow on other plants and on rocks. This plant needs water once a week. We can hang these plants on the wall.

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